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Carbon Engine Cleaning

An Engine Carbon Clean works by injecting a gas called hydrogen which is created by a process called electrolysis. Our State-of-the-art machine will create this gas. This is made up of hydrogen and ….

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning

Our fully trained and team of engineers offer a bespoke DPF cleaning service to ensure your DPF is operating at the optimal level of efficiency. ….

Vehicle Diagnostics

Wrighthands-Engineering offers a mobile service with the latest diagnostic equipment. When a warning light illuminates on your dashboard, this indicates that a sensor within your vehicle has detected a fault ….

Where Carbon Can Build Up


The HHO Carbon Clean service is suitable for any gas, diesel engine, mobile or static, and is used to help remove carbon build-up on an extensive range of engines. The use of hydrogen has been proven to substantially reduce emissions and has been recognised all over the world as a clean energy solution.



Removing carbon deposits can significantly improve the overall performance

Fuel Consumption

Fuel Consumption

Without carbon deposits engine combustion is a lot better with power increases and a better fuel consumption



Carbon Cleaning removes most deposits from your engine, reducing the emissions giving you cleaner/greener drive


Our innovative mobile service helps target the removal of harmful carbon build-up from the engine for the ultimate engine detox. The benefits to the engines are immediate, noticeable and long lasting.

The technology is based on innovative engineering expertise in the use of hydrogen for reducing vehicle and plant emissions to assist in meeting global green energy requirements.


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Mobile Service

Mobile Service


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